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Cancelled service still getting charged


Cancelled service still getting charged

I am a previous Sprint customer. I called last month on April 26 and paid over $1,000 to cancel my plan as well as pay off my sons tablet. The lady I spoke to on the phone assured me that everything was paid including cancellation fees, my sons tablet as well as the remaining balance i owed on my phone. She assured me that I would not receive another bill. Today I checked my email and sure enough there was a bill from sprint for $152.69. I tried to call customer service but since I am no longer with sprint I could not pass through the automated options on the phone. I went to the sprint store near my house and the employee ended up having to use her number just so that i could speak to someone because they couldn't look me up in the system since i am no longer a customer. After being on the phone for 30 minutes they found that the initial person i spoke with who helped me cancel my service had made a mistake and that she had to re-open my account to fix a problem she had made which apparently made the system automatically charge me for another month so the woman that i was currently speaking with said she would credit me for the extra month but that i still owed $102 for a cancellation fee. I had paid all cancellation fees on April 26 and was promised that I would not owe once more cent to sprint. When i brought this up to the woman I spoke to today she rudely hung up on me. Having a small child who was already irritable I did not have another 30 minutes to spare by standing in the sprint store using the employees phone so I had to come back home. I am thinking that when the initial person re-opened my account to fix the mistake she made that they charged me an additional cancellation fee. I am beyond frustrated and want to be completely done with sprint but can't seem to be able to get any help

Sprint Employee

Re: Cancelled service still getting charged

Hey there anc102791! Allow us the opportunity to assist you and clarify all the questions you may have regarding your account. Please reply to my Private Message at your earliest convenience.

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