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Cellular Phone Tapped


Cellular Phone Tapped

I am submitting this to let others know it can happen and does! Sprint customer service told me they never heard of anything like it before. (That is such a lie) I have an ex employer who was able to tap my personal phone with nothing more than a program off the internet. Sprint has not been helpful at all for this process, and pretty much acts like they are stupid to the whole process. My personal life as well as professional has been violated, and they refuse to help me! This is a federal crime, and is not supposed to be able to happen. Go to this link to learn more of how to tell is your phone is being tapped. (Is my cell phone tapped? | How to find out if your cell phone is tapped) 

I have a new HTC ONE, and the battery would always need charged, I also noticed I couldn't shut the phone off. I could only reset it.

I would send texts to friends at my former employers, On their personal phones... and minutes later my old boss would attempt to call and harass me thru texts. I noticed this only happened when I was attempting to contact them.

I sent false information thru a text and the owner again tried to contact me. He had the information I had texted. The person whom I had texted the information, NEVER RECEIVED IT.

I contacted one of the companies online who offer this type of program, and she was quite helpful. They explained to me that they offer this for parents who want to keep up with their children, but if it was to be used on someone else a permission slip needs to be signed. (HA) All they need is your phone number.. It doesn't have to be in their name or even on their plan.

My problem with this whole thing is if my texts were being rerouted, why cant Sprint help me with what number they went to? After all this is the same Sprint who bills me for the amount of time I am using to go online via my data plan, so they have this technology, but are unwilling to help their customers. I have been with Sprint for almost 10 years..

I have since changed my number, and purchased virus software for my phone, so far I believe I am safe.or am I...

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