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Certified Pre-Owned Device not covered by its own warranty


Certified Pre-Owned Device not covered by its own warranty

I received a replacement iPhone 5S with 16GB in Gray on February 2nd, 2016 to replace a broken iPhone 5 that Sprint no longer carried. Sprint gave me this Sprint Certified Pre-Owned phone, and I carried a warranty and insurance on the phone. I complied with all statements in the warranty and insurance, including not taking the phone to any repair store besides Sprint. On June 11, 2017 the phone display quit functioning properly, and on June 12, 2017 I took it in to the Sprint store located at 10261 River Marsh Dr STE 137, Jacksonville, Florida. They sent the phone to an Apple Repair Center under the warranty, after verifying that the conditions of the warranty were met. On June 16, 2017 I received a call from the lead technician at the Sprint store, claiming that Apple determined the metal jacket and phone screen were counterfeit parts. The technician then proceeded to say that Sprint would no longer honor the warranty. Since I have complied with the warranty completely by not tampering with the phone myself or by taking it to a phone repair shop, there are only two logical conclusions for the presence of counterfeit parts. Either the Sprint store sold me a phone with counterfeit parts, while certifying that it was a legitimate Apple phone, or they replaced the phone with counterfeit parts before sending it to Apple.


Is there a way to get the Sprint store to honor their warranty and replace the phone? Some help would be appreciated.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Certified Pre-Owned Device not covered by its own warranty

Hello ewardrop1, when it's needed to replace a phone, the replacement device you receive may be reconditioned or a comparable model. Those phones shouldn't get any counterfeit parts since it will void the warranty and insurance coverage. We'd like to review what happen and assist you further. I sent you a Private Message, please respond as soon as you can.


Sprint Social Care
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