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Clean Slate denied.


Clean Slate denied.

I signed up to Sprint from T-Mobile. I went through the process to get my additional money back for the $600 I had to pay to payoff my old phone but Sprint denied it because all T-Mobile supplied was a receipt for the payment and did not include on the final bill. The final bill shows the cancellation of the phone number but the Clean Slate website will only accept one document and the link to submit via email is a document not found page 404. If there a  contact to get this sorted out, it's not a very good experience to start with Sprint and may just have to take another carriers buy out offer if this is how Sprint does business.


Hi @keavin, If at this moment you are not able to upload the final bill from T-Mobile you send it via Fax, please follow this steps:

  1. Visit click Register, and then select Unable to upload image?
  2. A copy of a fax header with fax instructions displays.
  3. Print header sheet and fax with a copy of bill.
  4. On the fax, indicate the make and model of the phone you will turn in to Sprint.

Once done, please let me know the outcome.

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