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Complaint! I'm cancelling! Sprint took my money, and now trying to charge me twice!


Complaint! I'm cancelling! Sprint took my money, and now trying to charge me twice!

I never ever do this. I'm so fed up with companies running over customers. 


The beginning of February, I made my January payment over the phone. The lady arranged my payment for auto payment using my account that I always use. 

Now technically my February bill would've been due on the 30th. But we all know there's only 28 day this February.

March 2nd, an automatic payment was pending to come out of my husband's account that we did NOT set up for Februarys bill.

We called while it was pending and SPRINT immediately apologized and sent us a refund of $213.

They also cancelled the transaction before it came out.


So sprint didn't realize they canceled the transaction AND then they also sent us  $213 as a refund, even though they never received the unauthorized payment in the first place because they cancelled it. Does this make sense? 

So sprint basically paid us $213 for Februarys bill by accident. So..we paid the $213 back to Sprint for our February payment which would give them back the money that they accidentally paid us ,using the correct account, my account. 


So after we paid the February bill, I noticed my bill had an extra $213 that we still owed. 

.I chatted with 5 different people who couldn't give me answers, promised me a call back and never called. The first supervisor I reached was rude and kept asking, "We got your payment for February's bill, but what about the $213 we paid you for the refund?. "

So now Sprint is Saying we owe $213 for the money in our account that they gave us for February. 


Plus $213 for February. 

So we are to pay them for the money they accidentally put in our account twice?? ?🤔🤔🤔

Like how is that at all logical? Why would we pay you back the refund for our sprint bill  and then pay you again for the actual sprint bill? 


Well all I know is this has completely turned me off of sprint. 

And I'm literally upset to tears from going back and forth .I see the ways of Sprint.


Hello misro327. Let's work on this together, please reply back to the Private Message that we sent you as soon as you can.



Sprint Social Care

So now sprint has messaged about the issue.why all of a sudden are they saying the refund I actually owe is now just that they didn't receive payment for January. SMH, they. cannot get it right. I made november payment in December. I paid December payment in January, I paid January's payment,  in February. And February payment in March. If you see, I did not skip any payments. I have bank statements to show that I paid twice in December. One for NovemberS late payment,  and one for December which I paid on the 26th of December because I paid it early. There's no history of January bill because I paid Januarys bill in February. So again. Why would I pay January again. Why. Is. This. is seriously so confusing to sprint, the bill is due on the 30th of the month. I get paid the week after that.  So that means I am paying every month a week into the next month. If January was never paid, why were my services never cut off until March? Again the website shows that I am cut off but they're saying the opposite. My bank matches what my sprint account states. 

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