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DFW (Irving, TX) Tower Issues since June 2017


DFW (Irving, TX) Tower Issues since June 2017


Tower near 635/Freeport Parkway (75063) just North of DFW Airport has been offline since June 2017.   LTE Coverage is non-existent and unless LTE is turned off on your phone your battery will be dead in 60-90 minutes from signal searching... 


6+ Customer Care Advocates have collected my information and no resolution has ever been presented or promised...


Complaint Threads gets magically archived to other locations/boards as if to hide Sprint's failure...


I was sent a Magic Box and it worked briefly in November 2017 but it now sits in the office window searching for a signal all day and night....


almost 20 years as a Sprint customer but it's looking like it is finally time to pull the plug...


iPhone 6s...


03262018 Speed.jpg


Hey scatmanjack, I'd like to continue to assist you in a Private thread, I have sent you a Private Message, feel free to review it at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care


After working with network engineer for several weeks, he simply admitted that my work service area was 'at tower capacity' and he couldn't do anything to help.  Too many customers and not enough towers... Nice... Keep charging that full price for reduced service...  

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