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Data Speeds - What are you getting?


Data Speeds - What are you getting?

I live a mile outside a small town in the DFW area. Sitting in my living room I just got a download speed of 124mbs, 6.35 up and 31 ping. In town I have gotten as high as 292mbs dl, 8.57 up with 17 ping.  Anybody getting similar results?  Btw, I am on a galaxy s9+, and yes, I was on LTE, not wifi. I'm lucky to get 15mbs on my wifi. 


Re: Data Speeds - What are you getting?

i have a tower about a quarter mile away from sitting inside of a warehouse surrounded by just about everything you can think of that would disrupt signal and just tested at


38ms ping

46.2Mbps down

2.96Mbps up.

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Re: Data Speeds - What are you getting?

@TEACH3215  what you are seeing is the precursor of 5G.  We are deploying fiercely in 6 markets and Dallas is one of them.  Check it out...Sprint Unveils Six 5G-Ready Cities; Significant Milestone Toward Launching First 5G Mobile Network i...

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