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Data Usage App for Laptop?


Data Usage App for Laptop?

I recently signed up for Sprints 3GB data plan with the Novatel MiFi 4082 for my laptop, and it's really fantastic! My dialup isp could only deliver 24kbs, and it took about one hour to download a one minute youtube video.

One thing I don't like is to have to login into my account to check data usage.

Is there an app to place a data (gas gauge!) usage meter on my laptop?



Re: Data Usage App for Laptop?

I believe there is a built-in usage monitoring section of the MiFi administration page. I could be wrong though, I don't have one in front of me to test with at the moment.

You can access the admin page by going to http://mifi.mlp or in any web browser.

The Getting Started guide here has the basic information for getting yourself logged in.

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