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Delay in ringing


Delay in ringing

Google Voice Settings » Phones.png

I have Google Voice integrated with my Sprint service with calls forwarded to both my cell phone and Google Chat, as you can see from the image. My desk phone is attached to an OBi adapter which is configured to handle the calls forwarded to Google Chat. So far this has worked very well, the only problem being a slight delay in the ringing of my cell phone, with it usually ringing after one or two rings of the desk phone. However, recently the delay has grown unacceptably long, and the desk phone will ring three or four times before the cell phone does.

Is there anyone here who has a similar setup with an OBi adapter with a similar problem? Did you find a resolution, or at least the cause?

Is there anyone here who has calls forwarded to Google Chat, but without the use of an OBi adapter, who finds that the cell phone doesn't ring until some time after Google Chat has notified you that you have a call? Did you find a resolution, or at least the cause?

I am trying to figure out whether the problem lies with Google Voice, with Sprint, or with the OBi adapter.

Thanks very much for any assistance.


Re: Delay in ringing


Thank you for the post. That does seem like a delay in the call coming through and being forwarded. It is possbile it could be signal related. Does this happen like this all the time?  Is it intermittent? How many bars are you getting for service? Let me check the towers in your area. Please provide me with your zip code and cross streets so I can check your towers. I look forward to your response.

Thank you,


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