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Disabling Google Voice


Disabling Google Voice

I have tried to disable Google Voice through their settings menu several times and keep getting the following error:

Google Voice cannot disable the Sprint integration on this phone. Please contact Sprint for more details as to why this cannot be disabled.

Is there something that needs to occur on Sprint's end before I can disable through Google?  What steps do I need to take?


I'm also having this same issue.

This has been my experience so far. I attempted to disable the integration several days ago. I knew it may take some time do I waited. Nothing happened so I called sprint and sprint disabled on their side, however I still cant disable on Google voice. I waited another few days and nothing different. Called sprint again and they attempTed to walk me through disabling through the website. After attempting to do it again and getting the same message yesterday the sprint rep escalates the ticket. I missed a call today from sprint and tried to call them back. I got ahold of a rep named Don that seemed to know what was going on and said that the notes from the engineers said we needed to disable something on Sprints side. Don put me on hold and then the line started ringing again. Another person answered and had no clue about anything.I begged to be transferred back to Don. Then my sprint signal dropped (like normal) and she couldn't hear me.

Anyway I don't blame google directly or sprint. I blame both parties equally for entering into an agreement that neither side is capable of supporting apparently.

A bunch of us are having problems and here's the google forum where we are trying to get help from Google.

[inappropriate link removed]

We need help from both parties now please!

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I had the same issue before when I switched phone numbers, and I resolved it somehow, but I forgot how I did it. It did involve calling #2 Talk and speaking with a Sprint Tech Support rep. Forgot how the issue was resolved, and I think it was something I also did on my part. Wish I remembered and could help out. Sorry.

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