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Disappointed in Cell and Site Service


Disappointed in Cell and Site Service

I would like to express my extreme disappointment with the Sprint cell and web site service, specifically bill payment, of late.  I tried to submit my payment on the site earlier this week and it never went through.  It is not due to lack of wireless connectivity, the payment site was just 'down' but no error, warning, site messaging nothing.  Does Sprint really not know when their payment site is malfunctioning?!  Also, my text and phone service has been seriously degraded these past 3 weeks.  Texts either are not going through, or are sent multiple times.  It is an experience my friends (who are also Sprint customers) have shared, and we are frustrated and disappointed at the lack of resolution or attentiveness from Sprint.  With the myriad choices available for cell service, Sprint, who claims to be the industry leader, should always be innovating to keep customers happy and limit problems.  I can honestly say, I'll be shopping around for a service provider with consistent delivery when my contract expires. 

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