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Does any one know how I do get sprint regional manager's contact info?


Does any one know how I do get sprint regional manager's contact info?

I made a request for my device to be unlocked on 29,Aug.2018, then representative Fransisco said it will be unlocked within 24-48 hours, but it never happened even in 5 days, unfortunately my request is taking forever, now I am on 02,Sep.2018, and even I dont have any idea of what is going on.


Let me see if I can get that info for you. Quick question, did you try to use another carriers sim card in the phone?

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add on question


when you requested the device to be unlocked was it


removed from an active account or still active?


*if it was removed from the account*

was it left turned on?

was the Sprint sim card still in it?

was it connected to wifi so it has a signal to receive the code needed to unlock it?

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Hey @davidissai, I sent you a private message so I can get some info about the phone. Like fireguy said, the phone will need to be on and plugged into the wall, Sprint SIM inserted, and connected to Wi-Fi. Here are some tips as well. SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks



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