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Email to Text No Longer working!! Kind of...


Email to Text No Longer working!! Kind of...

My work team use to be able to send information vie email to SMS to our clients and friends from our email. But, now the information sent out is no longer being received by Sprint user ( All of our Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile clients are still receiving this information as a text mesage. I called Sprint customer service regarding this issue and was told that this service is no longer supported without a Sprint Enterprise Account Setup?? This is a huge inconvience, why is Sprint taking this approach and others are not. What is also frustrating is Sprint Customers not in California still have this service.  Am I the only one frustrated by this? This is a huge Con to have sprint.


Re: Email to Text No Longer working!! Kind of...


Thanks for the post.

A few years ago many of the major carriers in the US were dealing with an epidemic of spam and scam SMS messages. To fight this many carriers stepped up security. In the case of Sprint we rely on Cisco's Sender Base system to rate IP addresses and domain names. As you can imagine this system is pretty strict.

To prevent blocking of legitmate customers we have developed and launched out Enterprise Messaging Gateway. This is a private gateway that functions similar to the but provides better security and supports more protocols. You will need to request access to the EMG system which you can do here: Sprint Messenger

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,


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