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I called last Sunday to disconnect my service- not under contract and owned the phones.  A rep I was connected to told me about a “special plan” he could get me on with a lease deal for 2 phones- one X and one iPhone 7. Explained the entire cost with the loyalty discount of 10 off each lease  a month plus my employer discount and a free activation.  He repeated it multiple times. Then he even threw in another discount for 4 months. Even though I didn’t want new phones, I agreed to this bc it was a great deal.  When I went to activate my phones 2 days later, i couldn’t do them myself (I’ve done this multiple times previously). I called in and the guy said he would ah e to take my plan off and add it back on to activate the phones or I could wait until tomorrow.  I told him I would wait.  He talked me into activating the plans and said there would be absolutely no issue.  Since then, Sprint has been a nightmare. I’ve been on the phone over 20 hours with Sprint since Tuesday.  Every person I talk to gives me a different answer:  one even told me I could no longer have the plan i was promised bc I cancelled the plan.  I explained I did not-  their representative took it off only to activate the phones.  Now, after 4 calls, I have the plan back, but it is nothing I promised.  Over 20 dollars higher the first few months and over 40 dollars higher after that. 4 different times I was promised a call back I never got.  I had to initiate every call hours after my promised call back. Now, im being told the first guy was wrong-  i can’t have my employer discount or the 10 dollars off a month bc that plan doesn’t qualify.  I asked to get the return kit on the phone and I was told they were closed. One person even promised to call me back 30 minutes later when the supervisor who would approve me to get what I was promised was off lunch.  I waited at work 1.5 hours and never got a call back.  4 hours later, I called and got totally different answers. At this point, I don’t know how much my bill or phones will be bc every single person gives me a different answer.   Now, I may be able to get a bulk credit  for the amount of the 10.00 credit a phone the Sunday call promised bc this person found it in the notes. This call is supposed to come tomorrow, but who knows? 


Wow, Genaspeare78, it sounds like you've been through the briar patch. I'll be more than happy to look into to this for you. I know you stated that you're waiting on a call back. If you would like Shoot me a PM and I can go through your account and see what I can do. 


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