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Extremely disappointed with lack of help from customer service with upgrading a new phone


Extremely disappointed with lack of help from customer service with upgrading a new phone

I spent the whole day on Friday trying to upgrade from an iphone 6s to a Samsung note 8 (big upgrade). I rely on a phone a lot for work and when my lease expired i could not rely on my phone anymore due to lack of storage so i needed a new phone ASA{. I completed my check out, once it was time for delivery information, the system skipped my pick up and delivery options. I clicked on delivery and tried pickup ( no store in my area had the phone available. I found one store 20 miles away and when i proceed it says " we hit a speed bump " the page was no longer available. I spoke with a sales person and after an hour on the phone of placing my order he told me he is unable to waive my upgrade and give me a in-store pickup option. We disconnected no call back, then later i went to a store 2 minutes away to see if they had the phone in stock (THEY DID) and a store 5 minutes away did too. I had no ID so i was told the rep would not place my order for me and she whispers something about me to the other sales rep in the store. I attempted to give Sprint one more chance. I managed to set up an appointment for in-store pick up but then my card declines. I call my bank they say all ends are fine on there part. I chat with 3 different representatives (NO HELP) then i call two more customer service agents around 9PM and one person disregarded what i wanted. I called because of a technical issue with the server in the website and she kept telling me i was eligible for an upgrade for iphone x or LG when i told he 2-3 times i was trying to upgrade to a Samsung Note 8 and my checkout page gives me an error. Then she her sentences were incomplete and she got to the point where she rushed me to hang up the phone and kept saying " before we disconnect.... ". SO UNPROFESSIONAL.

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