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Gallery on Samsung Galaxy 4s


Gallery on Samsung Galaxy 4s

I recently got the Samsung Galaxy 4s and have been taking many pictures.  This was using up the internal memory so I added a microSD card and moved all my pictures to it.  However, when I go into the Storage settings after doing this the pictures, videos amount has gone down significantly but the applications is now at 6.07GB and when I go into that the biggest one is the Gallery at 5.01 GB.  If I moved all the pictures to the microSD card why is the Gallery taking up so much memory? When I go into it does say that the application is only 4.00KB with Data being 5.01GB.  Again, if all of my pictures have been moved to an microSD card why is it taking up so much memory?  Thanks in advance.


Thanks for posting.

It's possible there is cached data left in the Gallery app stored on the phone. I would suggesting clearing out the cache and data for the gallery app.

Before you start make sure that all your pictures are backed up. Be sure they're on the SD Card and I would even plug the phone in to copy the pictures to a computer to be safe.

Once the pictures are backed up, go into Settings > Application Manager > All > Gallery and click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

That should reset the app and drop any cached or temp data that is taking up the extra 5GB

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you moved the pictures but did you move everything over? videos? those quick pics if you hold down the button? those store in a different file than regular pics if im remembering right.

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That doesn't help. The cache fills up ridiculously fast. I cleared it and the data. I've factory reset the phone. I pulled the battery and My Hadley still freezes up and screws up. The is no reason this application should use so much data when you have a chip in it. And the"temp files" that you are talking about start filling up the cache without doing anything but opening the app. Terrible app and you guys or samsung need to fix the gallery. An update would be wonderful.





Thank you for reaching out to us! Sorry for the delay. Are you still having this problem with your device? Please let us know. We are here to help!

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