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Google Says Voice is Still Integrated, Sprint Does Not


Google Says Voice is Still Integrated, Sprint Does Not

The Google voice integration was removed from my account, on my first line, when we removed the hotspot feature. Now I have left my phone at a relatives over the holidays. Problem is I can't check the voicemail, as Sprint is now accepting the missed calls and not Google. Since I never setup Sprint voicemail, I can't check the VM's remotely, even though I need them to run my business. Sprint can't help me, they say I need the phone (even tech support said that). I can't now setup any Google Voice forwarding, voicemail or even SMS because without the phone - I can't enter any codes or provide any confirmation. All I needed is a conditional transfer/forward for unanswered calls - and no one at Sprint seems to be able to help me without having the phone in hand - which is the crux of the issue.

I certainly don't want to bash anyone (EDIT: Really, the reps seemed to have looked for all the help they were given, I think the problem isn't the CSRs at all), but every option has been to do everything myself, and from the phone - which I don't have. I'm not sure what tech support and the CSR's do - other than sales? Give you those dummy answers? I am knowlegable enough to understand the problem and a quick Google search showed me exactly what needed to be done - but I had to explain this to their representatives.

Essentially - it's Sprint's mistake. They removed forwarding, they removed the integration, and they claim to not be able to fix it. Seems odd they can only do things in one direction. I almost want to ask a question here - see what I can do - but I'm out of questions because we've asked them all already... so I guess I'm just begging for help?

Sprint Employee

Re: Google Says Voice is Still Integrated, Sprint Does Not

I've sent you a private message, please respond for assistance.

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Google Says Voice is Still Integrated, Sprint Does Not

Message sent, love the service - I truly appreciate the attention.

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