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Google Voice Number = Sprint Mobile Number


Google Voice Number = Sprint Mobile Number

I originally opened my Google Voice account using my Vonage VOIP "landline" number. I recently stopped using Vonage and changed my Google Voice number to the same number as my Sprint Mobile Number.

I am having calls come in and before I can even reach to get them, they are declined or re-routed and go directly to my voicemail. I also noticed that if I move my phone in any way, causing any vibration all calls go to voicemail.

I've checked every setting, performed all updates, taken out the battery to cycle down and still have the problem!

Does anyone else have this and does anyone know what I should do?

I think I am stuck with my current Google Voice number attached to my Sprint account.

Thank you!


Re: Google Voice Number = Sprint Mobile Number

Im having the same issue on my SamSUng Galaxy Nexus. My Hubsand seems to think its something to do with Google Voice itself. But I can't call them to find out... Im not authorized to makes calls since i enable the google voice.

I'm thinking its time to visit a live techie at the real store. Maybe they can get my phone to act like a phone and make calls.

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