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Google Voice # to Sprint issues?


Google Voice # to Sprint issues?

I want to port my Google Voice number to my existing Sprint phone.

But I have read elsewhere there were issues in the past with porting delays/activation and all of the features (text/internet) working properly after porting.

Since a lot of the posts are from 2013 & 2012, what are the odds that I will have these issues?


Question for anyone who has done this recently:

Has anyone successfully ported to an existing line and been able to cut all ties with Google Voice?



I've not heard of any issues porting over a Google Voice number, but you must have an account number and you might need a pin. Typically speaking, but not always, port delays are caused because we give the old service provider, in this case Google, the information and they verify it and release the number. So, I'd contact them to verify you have all of the information that you need: account number, billing name, address, pin/password. I also am not aware of any current issues after a Google Voice number has been brought over. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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