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Google voice - International calls - Puerto Rico


Google voice - International calls - Puerto Rico

Hi i was actually looking for this topic, i am thinking about activating  google voice with my sprint phone, but when i am about to do it it  tells me international calls will be billed by google. The problem is,  with google a call Puerto Rico is an international call, as with Sprint  it is not. Can you verify this? Thanks in advanced...


Re: Google voice - International calls - Puerto Rico

Dialing to Puerto Rico from US through Sprint Mobile device is free and if you make calls to Puerto Rico using  Google voice will use your day or NW minutes because Google use landline dialing. At present, a Google Voice call to Puerto Rico carries a toll of $0.02 per minute . I got this info from the Google Forum. You can always get help from  Google Forum.


Re: Google voice - International calls - Puerto Rico


I researched this further and to the best of my research it looks like you should be able to call Puerto Rico at no additional charge, even if you have Google Voice integrated with your service. I tested this myself, by calling a Best Buy in San Juan and hung out for a bit on their menu. I am not showing any charges on my Google Voice account. 

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