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Google voice sign up


Google voice sign up

I have google voice on one of the phones on my account. It works as advertised.  In fact it work so well I am surprised others have not jumped on the google voice with Sprint bandwagon.

Now the bad part -  I tried to set google voice up on another phone on my account.  It set up in the basic lite mode but with none of the functionality I actually needed.  I called Sprint technical service - no help.  Google help was a joke.  I was on hold for 90 minutes before giving up on google.

is there a way to start over ?  I am open to almost anything.  The complicating factor is I am trying to set it up my 93 year old mom's phone remotely.  We actually were successful in getting it working but without the full integration.

help !!!

CCan someone tell me someone to call ?  Is there a secret customer service number for google that is not an eternal hold ?  Is there a google voice specialist with sprint ?


Re: Google voice sign up


The most effective step would be to start the process over on a desktop computer. Once you are signed into the appropriate account, input the corresponding cell phone number and complete the verification process.

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