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Google voice woes


Re: Google voice woes

When I place calls, I often connect on some level ("Dialing" text on my handset goes away) but all I get is silence. If I speak, I get an echo, but nothing goes through to the other end. People calling me also report this issue. I'd say it happens on 25% of calls. I'm pretty sure that Sprint's integration with Google Voice is failing at some point, because it's much less frequent when I disable Google Voice.

Unfortunately, I can't really work without Google Voice because I make a number of conference calls from my office and need a good way to call via IP since coverage isn't very good. I'm stuck between unreliable but good quality calls and very poor quality calls that are also unreliable due to dropping.

I've seen the Google Voice problems on-and-off for years, on my Galaxy S4, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S1, and Palm Pre. I disabled Google Voice for quite a while, but it's now necessary to compensate for coverage issues at my new office.

I would like Sprint to really look into it's integration with Google Voice--there are failures happening! Or improve coverage in Downtown Tempe AZ... it's been quite bad since at least 2007. I can send my number in a PM if it's not linked to this account.


Re: Google voice woes


Thanks for all of this information and for bringing this to our attention. Your concern most certainly needs to be addressed further. Would you be able to send us an Private Message to If so, please include your account information, along with a link to this conversation thread, and a Social Care team member will follow up with you. Thank you for expressing your concerns to us.

- Lucia
Sprint Social Care
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