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Google wallet


Google wallet

Google wallet? Note 2 please

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Re: Google wallet

We have no word on when the Galaxy Note 2 will get google wallet, whenever this application does become available we will announce it -->


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Re: Google wallet

I saw a YouTube video today from the Google Developer channel and the Google representatives seemed to indicate that support for the Sprint Note 2 was coming soon.  One of them said something like they weren't at liberty to discuss things that hadn't yet been announced but that "he hadn't checked the eligible devices" section on the official Google Wallet page...and that the Sprint Note 2 may already be listed (which it is not...not yet). Both of them were quick to say that Sprint is a partner and they eluded to the idea that GW would indeed be supported on the Sprint Note 2.  I believe the video was dated 11/15/12 so hopefully we'll see an update REALLY soon!


Re: Google wallet

I have Note 2 with Sprint.  Today I discovered I was able to download Google Wallet app onto my phone and set it up.. I haven't tried to use it yet but I intend to very soon.


Re: Google wallet

Yep, support was added on the 15th for several Sprint phones. Google announced it with a Twitter post,

Sprint Galaxy S4, HTC One and Galaxy Note 2 now have Google Wallet support | Android Central

Google Wallet adds support for Sprint's Galaxy S 4, Note II and HTC One, U.S. Cellular's Note II | P...

Here's the Twitter link,

Twitter / googlewallet: Google Wallet app now on Samsung ...

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