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I signed up to Hotspot knowing that there is a 5GB cap. After a 25 minute call to Sprint Customer Service, and reading the posts here, I'm still confused. So we're capped, but have no way of knowing how much we've used? The two people that I spoke with at customer service said that you can tell in your "my sprint" section of the website. However, as I expained to them, it lumps all data together as 'unlimited'. I've read here that they will advise when you're about to go over...and I've also read posts here where people are being charged in the hundreds for overages. And I've also read that since there is no way to tell how much you've used, you won't be charged. Pretty confusing...

If they're going to cap this, there has to be way of determining the amount of data that is being used. Even on the line with customer service, I'm getting conflicting information. Does anyone have a straight, verified answer? If it makes any difference, I'm using an Evo 3D (on 3G...Cincinnati's 4G coverage stops about a mile away from my house).


We are currently working on a method in which customers are able to review their hotspot usage using their mobile devices. I have reached out to my contacts to see if there is an available update. Once I hear from them I will repost. Thank you for your response I truly hope to have something for you soon.


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