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How do I know if I'm on a contract? Cancellation fee?


How do I know if I'm on a contract? Cancellation fee?

I began Sprint service in September of 2014 and at the time I believe I signed on for a two-year contract (got my iPhone 6 for free). I still have the same phone with Sprint service, but because my service has been unreliable for the last year+ I am going to be switching. I don't believe I am still on a "contract" since the two years has come and gone, and I don't remember ever resigning anything (just kept getting billed for the same plan each month) and it's my understanding that none of the cell phone companies really do service contracts anymore, just the phone payments that still essentially lock you into two years. It is so hard to find actual useful account information on the Sprint website and I am exhausting all options before being forced to talk to a rep. If I am indeed not on a contract and am not paying for a phone lease or monthly phone payments, will I be charged a cancellation fee when I port my number to a new provider and my service is cancelled?

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