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How is video quality determined?


How is video quality determined?

For the Unlimited Basic where video streams SD (480p) quality - how is the video quality determined? For example, if I am streaming a movie on Hulu that is available in 480 to 1080p, would it automatically stream at 480p or do I have to select the quality each time I stream?


And let's say I just let it stream at 1080p - what happens? Do I get charged extra? Throttles (so quality is affected)?

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Re: How is video quality determined?

Hello! With the Unlimited Basic plan, the video streams SD 480p quality, Hulu will go automatically to this quality. The Unlimited Basic doesn't support 1080p, and if you change it on the Hulu settings to 1080p, it may stop, or start to load and load. If you would like to stream videos on 1080p, you can change your plan to the Unlimited Plus. 

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