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How/where does Sprint measure data usage for Mobile Data plan?


How/where does Sprint measure data usage for Mobile Data plan?

This question should have a simple answer, but I can find no one at Sprint who knows - anybody out there who does?

Just exactly at what point does Sprint measure data usage?  We use a Sprint Overdrive device to access our local tower. It does not appear that Sprint utilizes the usage data captured by that device - the counts stored in the Overdrive *never* match what's shown in the online data usage display provided at the Sprint site.

We capture all of our data usage here using NetWorx, which provides an accurate count for all PCs on our home network.  The NetWorx counts *never* match Sprint's counts.  AAMOF, on the first day of usage in a billing month, Sprint has in the past shown as much as 300+MB usage, when in actuality no one in the house has even turned on their PC.

I'm guessing that since Sprint is unwilling to describe its capture process in detail, they would have a difficult time defending any billing for excess data usage, but I'd like to have a little more ammunition when I finally end up in a shooting war with them.

Anybody have any accurate input on this?

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