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I am pretty frustrated with this service.


I am pretty frustrated with this service.

I regret leaving my old cell provider more and more all the time. I was lured away by promises of "truly unlimited internet". I had a grandfathered contract with AT&T for unlimited  net, but they began to slow down the rate of speed after X amount of data was used. I went to sprint and was dazzled by the 4GLTE coverage the sales person boasted about and nice new phones for us both. I thought the buying experience went well but after it was all said and done, and the new phone buzz wore off, I was left with no service 90% of the time and the only time the internet works is if I am on my home wifi. I have yet to see the 4GLTE icon and I have had this phone since the purchase in April, which I found out that 4GLTE coverage doesn't even exist in the area. And by no service,  I mean zero bars or a circle with a slash through it. I live in the Las Vegas area. Really? No service??? The only reason I have gotten by this long is because Magic Jack put out an android app that I use to make outgoing calls, but if anyone tries to call me,it rarely rings and I  don't get a notification when the VM finally comes through,  they'll send texts in the morning and they don't come through for hours. Then to top it off, I specifically told the sales guy we didn't want insurance coverage on the phones. It took me a couple months to figure out why the bills were higher than they should have been. The whole thing feels like a bait and switch. I don't feel like sprint is keeping up  their end of the contract and am considering taking measures to get out of it. This is ridiculous. And before anyone mentions the service booster you can get for the house, let  me just say that it doesn't do me any good when I leave the house. Service is pretty crappy everywhere within a 2 mile radius, particularly the net. Attached are screen shots of what I deal with daily.


Re: I am pretty frustrated with this service.

Thank you for providing us with the feedback.  To get a better idea of what's going on in your area I am going to need your zip code along with your nearest cross streets. Also what device do you have? How long have you had this issue?

We will figure this out for you.


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