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In-Store Pickup


In-Store Pickup

Hey guys! I had a quick question. Is it policy to sell a phone that is placed on hold and already paid for? I ordered a phone online and paid for it, selecting in-store pick up as the “delivery” option. The phone was available at the time of order at 1200, and I set the appointment for 1500. When I went into the store, the rep told me that they had the phone on hold once the order went through, but a customer came in to buy the phone and “since it was the last one”, they pulled it to sell 1 hour before I came to pick it up. The phone was, like I said, already paid for. I had to contact orders and my only option was to cancel the order, wait for the funds to go back in my account, and then place the order again and hope that they don’t sell my already held phone. Is that normal?


Re: In-Store Pickup

Hi there. Sometimes the system may lag and get behind. This could cause it to reflect the incorrect count on inventory on an item.


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