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Insurance Fraud Solution?


Insurance Fraud Solution?

So I am curious if anyone can give me advice in this situation?

Suggestions open to all please feel free to respond.

I walked into a Sprint store to buy a brand new phone ...Cash In Hand. My phone was broke the night before and looked like tgere was no way in fixing it....even the sales rep held his hands up and backed away saying oh no we won't even touch that.

Long story short, after I pulled out a roll of 100 bills and counted out enough to show him I didn't need the easy pay option nor was i interested....i saw the light bulb go off. All tge sudden he CAN fix my phone and he will do it at no charge if I will buy 250.00 worth of accessories. Why would you do that Sprint?

Sprint says because I've been such a loyal customer (how loyal can 2 years be?) and I would like to do something nice for you today.

We'll alright sure....i go back my boyfriend goes in to get it, we drive away.

My screen is broke.My new Lifeproof case (screenless) is unsealed and opened on both sides.

So we confront Sprint....What is this? It's broken?

Sprint says yes it is but calm down its only cosmetic.


Not acceptable. Drive back two hours to return... He gives me the phone back and says..... what am I suppose to do with it you can have it.

Ok well g.wiz thanks but can I now purchase a phone that works? So 4 trips @ 2 hours (thats round trip) and 950.00 spent. I still fell I was done wrong.

2 months later I realize that Rat Bast are put insurance on my new phone without discussing it with me or without my authority. Now I'm really mad.... just gotta get one last one in on me huh Sprint?

I call ask to speak with manager tell him everything. (I've left alot out in this version today because I've had to tell this story so many Fricken times I puke a little bit in my mouth each time.)

He's upset he want me to know this is not how their store runs and he wants to do right by me. So he's going to credit me tge insurance charges I've been billed and also he wants to fix/replace the phone that the rep fixed but broken while fixing...but here's tge kicker....

Sprint says we are going to slip the phone onto my insurance real quick so that it will be covered and it won't come out of their pocket. OMFG!

Needless to say 2 months later...nothing and I mean nothing has been done.

where do I report this insurance fraud scam idea they suggested I participate in with them? And still get everything that is rightfully due to me?


Re: Insurance Fraud Solution?


I want to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. By no means is this acceptable. Do you remember where this store was located and the employees involved? Let me know.

- Kalah
Sprint Social Care
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