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International calls - this is an invalid number, problem for Sprint users since 5/2/2012 - update?


International calls - this is an invalid number, problem for Sprint users since 5/2/2012 - update?

Any update? I've been using this feature for 3 years now.  When I dial an international number, only the first 7 digits are being sent from Sprint to Google Voice. I know this, because this has widely been reported by all the Sprint Google Voice users in the Google Voice forums, where we can all see only 7 numbers being sent from Sprint to Google Voice in the Google Voice call history.

The workaround, until fixed by Sprint, is to dial international numbers from the Google Voice website to ring our phones that way.

At some point, whether this is Sprint's problem or Google's, they need to stop advertising this feature since it no longer works.

Is there anyone out there who can vouch for this feature working? Can ANYONE dial an international number from their Sprint phone?? There are so many people who are in the same boat as me since 5/2. I wish Sprint would at least uplift this issue to upper level support and give us a notice that this is now a known issue instead of pointing fingers at Google.


I was able to make an international call on 5/2 but today i tried aroung 20 times hearing rings but no body picking up, this was tried on at least 6 different phones between cell and land lines in 2 countries. The bad thing, i was charged for these unconnected calls. i don't know how to get my money back as i couldn't find a google voice customer service phone number to call. i am afraid to retry tomorrow in order not to lose more money!!!


Yes, I'm having the exact same issue, although I'm curious if this is an issue for folks that are using the iPhone with GV or is it more widespread?

I started a thread on Google forums as well over here:!msg/voice/Cdv540u8yv0/z5-ycr3JByYJ

Another workaround is to open the GV web app on your smart phone and dial through there, that is working fine for me right now.


Confirming that the problem occurs on a Moto X. Unfortunately the advice about opening the Android app on the phone is not useful. The ability to dial out is disabled on Android when you've linked a Google Voice account to it.

A call to Sprint Customer Service the other day simply yielded an advice to ask Google. As if that were possible.

Note: to get your money back on Google Voice for international is simple. Just log in, there should be a link there. I'll give it another day or two before I go that route.

Very disappointing.


Dear john_fl,

I apologize for any issues that you are having with trying to make any international calls through Google Voice. Let's start with some basic troubleshooting. Are these the steps that you are following? Please follow the steps in this link:

Please let us know.

Sprint Social Care Team
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