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Internet speed still throttled even after reset?


Internet speed still throttled even after reset?

I'm on the $110 30GB data plan, using the PocketWifi device. My cycle was supposed to reset yesterday, but today I am still getting throttled speeds. The device is brand new and this is only my second month using it. I have no way to check my usage - the device doesn't properly display it (it always shows 0 for data left, data used, and days left), and I've been struggling for days to create an account on this buggy website, which sucks in an impressive variety of ways. Error messages, webpage elements not loading, unclickable buttons, account creation emails not arriving - this site basically fails in every way a site can fail.

Re: Internet speed still throttled even after reset?

Hi Jamieagordy!

We truly apologize for the delayed response. We'll be more than happy take a look into this for you. If you're still experiencing issues and need assistance, please reply to my Private Message.


Michael C

Sprint Social Care

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