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Issues with Airave 2.5


Issues with Airave 2.5

So after paying hundreds of dollars and after so much wait for a reliable 4G, and completely horrible 3g/voice service one day I said to myself enough is enough.

And I called customer service to share what kind of service I wasgetting around Malvern, PA (Suburbs of Philly).

Obviously, their first line of defense is to get the phone rebooted, reprogramed, update profile, update PRL. After all of that was done, there was no difference in speed and signal.

Interestingly their coverage in Malvern area was pretty good for past several years. Even though the Wimax promise never made it to Malvern, I still used my wimax phone for 2 years before getting an s3.

Anyways, so while I'm waiting for LTE, the 3g coverage went from ok to really really bad. I never had call drop issues at home, guess what it started happening. Absolutely unacceptable coverage.

So Sprint offered an Airave box to at least get full signal at home.

Even though that doesn't solve the problem when I'm outside, I still thought ok, lets give this a chance. I got the Airave on Friday 12/21 and it was up and running in no time. Started getting full signal at home.

It was just amazing to see full signal at home. Got me excited for a moment before I started getting dropped calls. I restarted my phone, updated my PRL again. No difference.

I have Verizon Fios service with 50mb down 25mb upload speed. Super fast !! Never had trouble with their service.

So here's the question for sprint staff.. What do I need to do not to get dropped calls in my apartment with or without the new airave box?


Re: Issues with Airave 2.5

Thank you for letting us know you are having this problem. I'll be happy to help. Please shut off the modem and the Airave. Leave them off for 5 minutes, then turn the Airave back on, wait an additional 5 minutes and turn on the modem again. Let me know if this helps.

Thank you,



Re: Issues with Airave 2.5

My new airwave 2.5 has never gone all green. My poor wife has called and trouble shot the problem with 5 different sprint tech's and it still won't work.Many l-o-n-g hours of her time. Tech's blame it on my modem,(only 1 yr old), a century link problem and they still won't send a pro out to fix it. My wife called century link and they say my line is fine and blame it on sprint. This is supposed to be an up-grade. I already gave the original airwave back. I am disabled 60 yr old man and I want,no need help from sprint NOW.Just send someone out here. I have had sprint for 6 years in the same place with no complaints until Verision put up a tower in  our town. Now Sprint is complaining about my wi-fi usage. I pay them almost 250.00 per month and I think they would want to keep me as a customer. What's up Sprint....let's have some of that " great customer service " and COME FIX YOUR AIRWAVE 2 so i can get on with my life. My phone is 503-917-1886. Thanks, Jerry. PS your plugging and redoing didn't work.


Re: Issues with Airave 2.5


I hate seeing how many issues it seems you've run into, but I'm here to help you! Could you possible send me a private message through here and include your phone number and account PIN? I'd like to look at what may be happening with your device and find a suitable resolution.

Please also for your security remove your phone number from your post. Let's keep that information private!

Thank you!


Re: Issues with Airave 2.5

Hello Ivan,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it' too late. If you see I posted my issue in December.

So here's how solved the issue.

First thing first. You gotta prepare for a break up .. It just can't be like all of a sudden kind of thing. So First I started looking for an alternative company that had better plan/coverage/cust service/phones -- All things count, right?

Next step was to start looking for a gsm phone -- used but in a mint condition -- Got a decent deal on craigslist and bought it for my wife. Her contract expired on Jan 19. By that time I had ordered the sim card from that "other" company (ofcourse it was an MVNO). Made the switch on the 24th Jan. Number porting went smoothly .. 1 line moved 1 line more to go.

Right after that, I returned Airave device to sprint -- Obviously I don't want to pay $120 fine for keeping that useless box.

My goal was to first check how things work out for my wife, i took her phone to work ran several speed tests and everytime I was like wow that's fast !! Ran side by side speed comparison with my sprint s3 and her gsm s3. And everytime sprint s3 just sucked. Network speed was so slow that it felt like I was using dialup internet.

Anyways Next step was to return my wife's Evo to get service credit, get that service credited to my account while I moved from family plan to 1 line plan.

While all that was happening, Nexus 4 magically caught up with demand and it was back in stock on Google Play store. Ordered 1 right away.

Once I got the phone I waited until sprint credited my account from the buy back program. The day sprint credited my account, I said good bye to my 11 years 11 months relationship with sprint and moved on (on 02/13) . I did check on right before I moved on -- There was 1 LTE tower 15 miles from where i live. That's it. Nothing else with in 100 miles radius.

Number porting was easy and went smoothly -- So far I'm pretty happy ..

I'll share some Pros and Cons of this move


Cheaper (Damn I'm saving over $50 bucks a month - Thats like a brand new unlocked gsm phone every year)

No taxes

BYOD (I like this idea, I can change my phone more frequently and sell older one on craigslist)

Most important --> FASTER SPEEDS !! I can finally watch Youtube,  HBO GO and Netflix while on the network.

Superior coverage

Batter Battery life (Generally gsm phones get better battery life)

$5 international calling credits

FREE UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL TEXTING --> This is a good one, once my friend in UK sent me a msg and I got charged by sprint.. No worries anymore.


Actually I was kind of sad the day I left Sprint, I was in my college dorm room when I ordered and recieved my first mobile phone.

Now life is completely different. There was one thing contant in my life for past 12 years and that was Sprint bill on my credit card. I liked the company for the most part.

In fact I still own Sprint Shares which I plan on selling when it touches 6.

Another one is that I kind of miss my S3. It was super slow on the network but on wifi it was one of the best devices I have ever used.

But Oh well,  S4 is going to be announced next month and I can buy a newer devices from all the money I'd save by switching to a different company.

If Sprint had not broken their WiMax promise and if they hadn't lied about LTE .. I would have stayed with them (Even though I was paying more)

But the way they started rolling out LTE made me so angry, small towns with 8 thousand population getting LTE while major cities and urban areas are left on the slow 3g.

Philadelphia doesn't even have 1 signal live LTE tower. There is one tower live near Media, PA which is again a small town .. Who are we kidding here?

Do you think people will keep paying for that kind of service? I don't think so. How do you define "Coming Soon" ? It could be next month, next year or 2 years.


Re: Issues with Airave 2.5

Wow what zippy response only took them 3 months. File a complaint with your State Public Service Commisiion. I have an inoperable AiRave too. The more i think about it the more it makes me mad that they want me to provide Bandwidth to fix their problem. This is a failure of their network and breach of contract... you pay they provide something! Instead you pay provide them the means to service you and pay for the means to service you. This is outrageous.

Re: Issues with Airave 2.5

I read that post with a heavy heart. I'm sorry we could not get to the response on time to help you stay a Sprint customer. You were a very long time customer, and it's people like you that we pride in providing services to. You were very practical in your approach to switching companies. You strike me as a very practical and reasonable person. I wish we could have done something to keep you around for the coming years. But alas, we've lost you and your family plan along with you. I wish you and your family the best with your new provider, and hope that you consider us again in the future.

A heartfelt thank you from me and all of us here at Sprint.



Re: Issues with Airave 2.5


Thanks so much. I hope that the day will come when Sprint will have all the advantages I have listed above.

I get decent corporate discount for Sprint through my employer. I'd love to be able to use LTE with truely unlimited plan.

I'd love to stream a movie while traveling from Philly to NYC. I won't have to worry about going over the limit.

Its not an easy task to cover entire cities, but vzw and att have done it and i'm sure sprint can do it too.

So good luck with that -- its not going to be easy to catch up, but its most definitely possible.

Thanks once again.


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