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Leasing Issues


Leasing Issues

Hello All;


Was just wondering if anyone else had the trouble I've had getting my leasing issue solved.

Background:  I upgraded to the S6 in Feb of 2016.  I was under a 2 year lease for this phone.

I also had a promotion where I would receive $10 off my lease per month.  This discount was

supposed to stay in effect regardless of the plan I had.  However, since the beginning of my

current plan/lease, I have never been able get this discount applied.  In spite of numerous

contacts with customer service, phone and chat.  Right now the monthly lease charge is $18

on a monthly basis.  I have the email which stated I am entitled to the $10 monthly discount.


I am hoping someone from Sprint can contact me and get this issue fixed.




Re: Leasing Issues

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention @Coolpops!


I'd like to know more about your case, to help you address it. Please check your inbox, I'll send you a private message.

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