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Leaving individual plan to join another person's plan


Leaving individual plan to join another person's plan

So I've been with this company for 7 years now and never had issues til this past month w/ CA & my bill. I will not pay 396.00 to have my phone back on. I am the only one on my plan and have unlimited everything & my bill is now $130.00 a month. 


But main question. Services are already disconnected and has been for almost a week. Still use wifi though lol. I do not want to stay with them & if I do my mother in law is adding me to her family plan (much cheaper). So.. How can I or am I able to add my current phone & # to another sprint account if my lease isn't up yet?? Or what can I do! Help 

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Re: Leaving individual plan to join another person's plan

In order for your mother in law to add you to your account you'll need her to take over liability for your lease and billing.  This called a Change of Ownership and you can find out more on our Change of Ownership Page.


In order for you to start the process, though, you'll need to have your services restored.  One of the requirements is that both the parties have active Sprint accounts with no past due balance.


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