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Mobile Hotspot Cost Calculator


Mobile Hotspot Cost Calculator

As I go through my monthly bills, I realize (after some discussion) that your bill charges your for anticipated services then prorates if services are removed such as the mobile hot spot. I'm trying to determine my monthly cost for the MHS but each month is dependent upon the previous month. Is there any way that I can determine this cost definitively?


Re: Mobile Hotspot Cost Calculator

Hydranymph4, I'm not sure I understand the question but I'll do my best to answer and please feel free to clarify if I miss the point.  For a consumer account on one of the older plans, the hot-spot is an add-on that is pro-rated. You are billed for the days remaining in the cycle when you added plus the anticipated upcoming month, as you say.  Going forward, provided you don't remove and then re-add the hot spot feature, the charge should stay the same.  If you remove the hot spot one bill period to save money and then add it back when you believe you need it, this could definitely cause a fluctuation in your bill.  If you're on one of the data share pack plans, there isn't an additional charge for the hot-spot; the data used simply deducts from the total assigned to that bucket.

Let me know if I've gotten to the heart of the question or missed what you were asking.  We're more than happy to help. - Christy

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