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NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile


NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile

Has anyone else encountered that this app is now USELESS with the latest "Upgrade?" My EVO Design 4G keeps telling me that the app can't "authenticate" my phone, and to put my settings on either 4G or Wi-Fi to make it work. HA! Tried both...NOTHING! It's VERY aggravating, as I switched to this phone from a BlackBerry all because the NASCAR app from Sprint was no longer compatible with the BlackBerry OS. I'm a Sprint customer BECAUSE of NASCAR, and the ONE thing I pay my big monthly bill for WON'T WORK! Becoming VERY disallusioned with Sprint's service!

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Re: NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile


Thank you for your post regarding the NASCAR application on your device. Just to clarify, the update was to your Design or to the application itself? If it was to the application, you can always remove the update by going to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>tap on the NASCAR application and select Uninstall updates. It will revert to the stock application without updates and when it prompts for you to update, then you can elect not to if it is causing issues with operation of your Design. If it is the Design, you have the option of performing a reset on your phone (all emails and text messages will be lost we can save your contacts to your SD card and they should be backed up to your Google/Gmail account you setup upon activation).I will be more than happy to walk you through the reset of your device. If you are uncomfortable with performing the reset yourself, then we can set up an appointment at a service and repair location. Please let us know if additional information is needed.


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