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New! Wifi Calling on iPhone 5c 5s 6 6+ incompatible features


New! Wifi Calling on iPhone 5c 5s 6 6+ incompatible features

Sprint recently released Wifi Calling for Apple iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus.  After having some issues with the new service, I put in a CTMS ticket and received a call back from Sprint's highest level of technical support in OKC who works trouble tickets (not one those incompetent outsourced overseas drones reading from a script.I far too often get stuck with when calling Sprint!!!).  The tier 2 rep/technician basically told me NOT TO USE THE WIFI CALLING SERVICE ON IPHONES UNLESS IT'S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.  Yes, this came straight from the mouth of Sprint's highest level of technical support.  They said there are MANY INCOMPATIBLE FEATURES/ISSUES THAT DO NOT WORK WITH IPHONES (see list below).

iOS Devices:

Wi-Fi Calling on iOS has several incompatible features. When opting-in for the service, the device will no longer be able to utilize these features.

  • - Call Forwarding while Wifi Calling Service is active and in use
  • - Messaging (Text  & Picture Messages) in a Wi-Fi only area (this means if there's no signal from the cell towers, no texting) Apple iMessage works while on Wifi.
  • - Premium Caller ID (service which displays CNAM (Names) of callers not in your contact list)
  • - Google Voice Integration (Will be DEACTIVATED COMPLETELY when signing up for Wifi Calling)
  • - Wireless Emergency Alerts (Amber Alerts, EAS, etc) (When no cellular signal is available)
  • - Wireless Priority Services (WPS)
  • - Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)

Account Controls from
All voice account controls will not be functional when using this service including the following:

  • Block inbound Voice
  • Block outbound Voice
  • Block inbound/outbound Voice
  • Allow list and block list for specific numbers (that's right those pesky telemarketers and other unwanted callers will NOT be blocked)

Basically folks, this is a heads up to hold off on using this service until Sprint makes it fully compatible with all it's calling features that a lot of us use on a daily basis.

Sprint Social Care Rep, Can you provide a timeline as to when Wifi Calling on iPhone will be fully compatible with these calling features most of us would rely on while using a premium device when Sprint coverage is ohh so spotty or unavailable?

Refer to FAQ at


this is going to be one of those deals that will have to be worked out by Sprint and Apple. if its like any of the other phones it will be taken care of with another update..then again this would also need to be ok'd by Apple themselves so it might take a while.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************

Folks all I can say is I have tried it and everything is working in my IOS 6 plus! Though I have to change my emergency notification location (if I remember too). I think this is a very good option!


"Folks all I can say is I have tried it and everything is working in my IOS 6 plus!"

Hi, what is "everything is working" referring to?

I have a google number forwarded to my phone, and also use the Extensions App from Vonage to alert and allow me to receive calls that come into my Vonage VOIP number if I am out of the house.

When I tried to turn on Sprint WiFi calling on my iPhone 6, iOS 8.41

I get a warning in bold

"If you turn on Wi-Fi calling,

your other devices will no longer

be able to make or receive calls through your iPhone"

I presume this refers to Apple's call hand off feature, which is useful sometimes, but I can't risk that it can affect my ability to receive calls on my directed fwd-ed from my google # or from the Vonage app.

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