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New hands free mode reading text messages


New hands free mode reading text messages

There was a software update that changed the Driving mode to Hands free mode. In driving mode, it would read out the callers name and then go to ring tone. It would also announce the name of the person texting. When they changed this mode to Hands Free mode, it reads out the full text message.  This is horrible for many privacy issues and I could name 1,000 of them. I only have the option to disable it completely and use the notification tone.  I would like to hear the texters name but not the info read out loud.  Any clue on fixing this?  I have the Samsung S3.



Re: New hands free mode reading text messages

cornholed, Thanks for posting. My apologies. Unfortunately the software update comes that way for now, no fix for it at the moment. Maybe next software update it will be more discreet.*Gerda Social Care Team
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