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Nextel direct connect


Re: Nextel direct connect

Also, Nextel Mexico already fully launched their 3G Platform in most markets down south BUT not in Baja region for the same reason that Sprint Nextel handles this region with their IP Backbone located in Irvine, Ca.  Supposeably early 2013 NII Holdings (Nextel Mexico) will launch 3G PTT Evolution in Baja Region which by then, Sprint Nextel would already have all Towers installed in Baja and ready to be re-configured by Nextel Mexico and begin Spectrum Sharing by both Sprint Nextel & NII Holdings (Nextel Mexico) as agreed up top.


Re: Nextel direct connect

Hey guys,

The reasons Baja Region was free for all Nextel users from the U.S and Mexico was because of the Spectrum deal they signed in 2004 allowing them to share spectrum along the border covering 68 miles which included Data, PTT services, Texting.  Here is the latest agreement from Sprint Nextel with FCC approval with Mexican Government and NII Holdings.


Re: Nextel direct connect

That's the spirit sister migrate to the new SDC! I have the Motorola Admiral, and it seems to work well most of the time. The capabilty and coverage can only get better.


Re: Nextel direct connect

Hi Tititron,

This is what Sprint International told me, as you can see it is not the same as what you are saying, this is why I am ver skeptical on everything remaining the same

Kyle E.: Alright so when the Nextel (IDEN network) services are no longer offered from Sprint and you go to the Sprint Direct Connect phones (CDMA network) the service will be quite different in Mexico.

-First and most important, the Sprint Direct Connect services are currently able to be used while inside the US to DC someone using the Nextel (IDEN) service in another country. At this time the Sprint DC is not supported for use while you are located outside the US. Now Sprint has not officially announced any plans to support the us of Sprint DC while outside the country. That's not to say it will not happen but we just don't know at this point. I know one of the biggest problems with this is the Sprint DC is delivered via Data on the CDMA network, most international locations do not support 3G data yet and therefore their data speeds are not fast enough. I'm sure there are probably other factors as well but that seems to be the biggest from what I've read on this.

Kyle E.: Now when traveling in Mexico the CDMA Sprint DC phones do work for Voice Calls, Data, Text messaging. Since you will be using the CDMA network now the rates would be different. The CDMA provider in Mexico charges these rates:

When using your phone in Mexico you will be charged:

Voice pricing: $2.29/minute

Data pricing: $0.004/KB

Text pricing: Send: $0.50/recipient; Recv'd: $0.15/msg

You are charged for both incoming/outgoing calls as well as calling your voicemail. If you  receive a phone call you will not be charged if you do not answer the call.

We also have these tiered data packs available:

55 MB = $30/month, per line

175 MB = $75/month, per line

325 MB = $125/month, per line

-Overage = $4/MB

If you choose not to purchase a data pack I highly recommend to disable your data roaming.  Otherwise your phone will automatically connect to the data services to sync your  email,apps, push notifications,contacts,etc. and these charges will add up very quickly.

Me: ok, so CDMA data will definietly be an extra charge while in Baja Region in Mexico, not like on current plans where data is not an extra charge while in this region

Kyle E.: That's correct. I really do not recommend using international data at that rate unless you have a plan. It adds up quickly!

Kyle E.: Right the IDEN network in Mexico, that carrier doesn't charge extra for data but the one that runs the CDMA network does.

Me: so even if Nextel Mexico eventually upgrades it still should be an additional cost

Kyle E.: Yes, most likely.


Re: Nextel direct connect

I hope you are correct, and that DC and Web will be the same as with nextel, I personally doubt it, but it may be the case. I have been asking this since the 3G PTT was announced and have yet to reeive a response from Sprint other than the one I posted above, so I just go by what they are saying.


Re: Nextel direct connect


Those facts you posted are not accurate.  Whats going to happen is you'll be able to add International Roaming for a small fee but this would only apply if you're actually roaming into Mexico such as the south.  This won't affect the customers from Southern California who travel down to Baja California as that will remain the same just like old Nextel.  People need to remember that NI Nextel Baja region is under an exclusive agreement with Sprint for their PTT and Data plans.  That is why only in Baja you see NII Nextel numbers that start with 152* just like the Sprint numbers in Souther Cal that start with 125*, 122*, 124*, etc.  Unlike the rest of the Country in Mexico where you see numbers like 52*, 62* or 72*. 

I use my SDC from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexicali, Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Culiacan with no problem from my Motorla Admiral.  When I'm in Tijuana, currently I pick up Domestic Roaming so I'm able to use my Motorola Admiral in Tijuana areas such as Zona Centro, Soler, Border areas, Airport, Otay, Zona Rio, Internacional and Playas.

So basically just need to be patient and wait for NII Nextel to fully launch their 3G Services late September.  Remember Memo that Sprint Nextel owns 18% of NII Holdings and both companies are transitioning to 3G PTT (Q CHAT 2) for their new push to talk platform.  Once this occurs, the rest of the smaller companies such as Southern Linc (USA) and Mikes Telus ( Canada) will eventually follow the same steps to form special roaming agreements for customers to use their 3G PTT phone anywhere in North or South America. Just how they had it with the IDEN network.


Re: Nextel direct connect

Sprint has said the roaming charges are coming, and could get nasty

"You'll be able to chirp Nextel customers in Mexico, but your Sprint CDMA phone with Sprint Direct Connect will be subject to International Roaming charges when you use it in Mexico - it could get costly.  Not as good a solution as the Nextel IDEN phones were."


Re: Nextel direct connect

Supposedly the Admiral will still not work in TJ or Tecate yet, because Nextel Mexico has not yet upgraded their towers and service. One thing that Sprint has commented is that more than likely if you do travel you will be gettin roaming charges on DC calls. See the answer from wingland (Sprint Administrator)

"You'll be able to chirp Nextel customers in Mexico, but your Sprint CDMA phone with Sprint Direct Connect will be subject to International Roaming charges when you use it in Mexico - it could get costly.  Not as good a solution as the Nextel IDEN phones were.

However, coverage will be *huge* - far better than the IDEN network.  First phase is anywhere in the US with 3G data networks; second phase rolling out later this year will enable Sprint Direct Connect coverage on any 1xRTT network - Sprint or Roaming, giving you the largest push to talk coverage area of any carrier, with the fastest setup time and most of the features you expect on your push to talk solution."


Re: Nextel direct connect


As promised, here are my initial impressions on using Admiral.

First, I live in San Diego area, and in need to communicate constatly with people in Tijuana and Tecate.

It is a little different than typical Nextel phones, but I had no issue of adjusting it nor communiating with Nextel users both who live in the U.S. and border regions of Mexico.

They say they can listen to my voice clearly, and I can listen to their voice clearly as well.

Data, well..., anything compare to Nexte's lousy data speed, this is fast.

Apps work well. And more than anything: no dropped calls, full bars, and clear quality makes me a happy customer.

I haven't traveled down to Tecate or Tijuana yet, but so far, I'm positive with the experiences.

If anything happens, I'll keep you guys in the loop.


Re: Nextel direct connect


After reading several posts by tititron, I'm getting Admiral soon.

Like many of you guys here, I depend on Nextel as my family and business partners spend majority of their times in border towns of Mexico.

Recently, my nextel service has been dropping like crazy, and I complained heck out of it. Sprint sent me this link: www (dot) sprint (dot) com (slash) upgradetoday

It leads to a special webpage for current nextel customers to upgrade their phones, which includes Admiral for noventa y nueve centavos with two additional years in contract.

I don't know about others, but as much as I love and respect other phone carriers, I have to stick with Sprint because of Nextel's unique multinational nextel network,

So I might as well give Admiral a try. If you don't have to stick with Sprint Direct Connect and can live with Zello or other applications, the link above gives Nexus and Galaxy s2 with a huge discount as well.

When I get Admiral, I'll write some of my first impression here, so those who are hesitant to upgrade can know how it is.