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Nexus S 4g


Nexus S 4g

I activated Google Voice but I dont want it anymore...I sign out but everytime someone calls it sends to me to this prompt to press 1 and press 2 ....also for voicemail its not my sprint voicemail...its googles..could someone help me disable this?


Nexus S 4g

Go to Settings in the upper right hand corner of the Google Voice screen on your browser. Go to the Phones tab... Select the phone you want to remove GV voicemail from. Click the 'Show advanced settings' link... Next to the 'Forwarding Options' near the bottom of the list... click on the 'Deactivate' link.

Other option would be is send me the phone number that is having an issue with voicemail via private message so that I can check if there is any Google code on your phone line and I can do test call and troubleshoot voicemail issue.

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