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No GV - No 4G - 3G now sucks


No GV - No 4G - 3G now sucks

I just "upgraded" from a HTC EVO 4G to the EVO 4G LTE. So I get a discount because I am ex-Air Force - thank you. However that disqualifies me from using Google Voice! The new phone disqualifies me from using 4G (not available in Seattle) and is it my imagination or has 3G gone from fair to really bad? My advice to anyone that currently has GV, 4G and good 3G DO NOT upgrade, especially if you have any corporate or government discount plan. When I returned to the Sprint store the rep who sold me the phone seemed truly embarrassed about the current state of affairs but offered no solutions except wait for 4G LTE. How long? "No idea". And he had no clue about the GV issue. I wish I had read these forums before upgrading – my bad.


Re: No GV - No 4G - 3G now sucks


Thanks for the post. I understand your concerns. I am in the process of seeing what I can fond about the Google Voice and your account type situation. Though we are not currently in the process for Network Vision in your area, we are currently enhancing 3G, Voice and network Capacity in your area. During this time there may be some service interruptions. Please provide me with your zip and cross streets so I can get a better look at your area.

Sean L

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Re: No GV - No 4G - 3G now sucks

Here's a link to a post of mine regarding network enchancements in the pipeline nationwide.

It isn't specific to your area, but has a ton of information about Sprint's network upgrade plans.

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