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No Network in 48176?


No Network in 48176?

I try to call out and I am getting either a message that there is no network service or I am in a roaming area.  When I am in roaming and try to call out, the call does not go through.  I live on the west side of 48176, one block south of US 12.  Is the service down?

Second question regarding the EVO 3D.  I have heard that this phone will not upgrade to Jelly Bean.  Is this true?

Thank you.


Re: No Network in 48176?


Thank you for your post.

I checked the cell tower for your area and I do see there is a problem with it at the moment. The good news is the problem was already picked up and our network team has already dispatched someone to repair the tower so you shouldn't be down for too much longer. I didn't see an estimate on repair but historically they will be up within the same day of dispatching a technician.

Thank you,


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