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Parental Control Apps that work across all device platforms


Parental Control Apps that work across all device platforms

I have a iPhone 6 Plus and my son has a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and I am trying to find a way to restric the data on the Samsung phone because our data is a shared plan and I do not want him going over half of the allowed 12 GB of data on our shared data plan. So how to setup parental controls on a teens Android when I have a phone 6 Plus? Please do not tell me to go to my account under limits and permissions because all that gives me an option for is to turn the data completey off or leave it on as well as give me an option to block certain types of content. The other thing I have heard about is the Sprint Mobile Controls App which is not available on my iPhone 6 Plus. However I am looking for an app that does percisely what the Sprint Mobile Controls App does that will function on both phones. Please help me!!! 

Jennifer Luttman (Hayes)
Sprint Employee

Thanks for reaching out Jenniferlutt.

Thanks for reaching out. We understand were you are coming from. Have you tried this:


Using Sprint Zone or My Sprint Mobile

  • Tap to open the Sprint Zone or My Sprint Mobile app.
  • Under Usage summary, tap Details.
  • Tap Manage data to review plan, data limit, and buy-up options.
  • Sign in to manage the account.
  • Tap Manage data limits then select a user.
  • Set the user's data limit or their ability to add high-speed data.
  • Tap Save changes.

 Sprint Mobile Controls is currently compatible with all Google Android smart phones on the Sprint Network and will soon be pre-installed on all new Sprint Android smart phones. Support for other platforms such as non-smart phones, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 is coming soon. Allow us to review the account and see what other options are available.


If the above instruction still do not work, allow us to review the account. We want to see what other options are available.  Just click on my name and select " Send Message". Include your phone number and account PIN.

Sprint Social Care

Yes I have but mine does not give the option for data limit. The only option it does give is to turn the data on or turn it off for a specific device. I am not looking to turn it off just limit it. I also had thought I had it fixed to where he could not purchase anything on the app store I had it blocked as well or so I thought. However, he was able to purchase some powerup things on the game he was playing without it asking any type of authorization. Luckily I have a good kid and he came to me before he did it.

Jennifer Luttman (Hayes)

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please check your inbox and reply to the private message that I just sent you.

Sprint Social Care

I'm in the same situation... was there a solution to this other than to completely block data?  I'm looking to turn data off during certain hours of the day for an iPhone like you offer for Androids.

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