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Phone bill SCAMS


Phone bill SCAMS

WARNING you about a scam I have found out about on my phone bill. Here's what I found after I googled it... From a company called PlayPhone Inc.-> "Through Facebook, this company has somehow achieved access to my cell phone. My cell phone carrier (AT&T) charges $14.99 a month for this company. They provide no service and I have followed the directions to stop this charge several times. They continue to steal my money and AT&T continues to be their unauthorized collection agency. I have no power and am being robbed." THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME..AND I GUESS EVEN MINUTE PHONES ARE NOT SAFE. -> "i was charged overnight at 3 am on my att Pay as you go GO phone from playphone as well when i pulled up my account on a computer, I saw the 9.99 charge from playphone listed as ringtones games applications. there were several more charges because texting costs 20 cents for each sms message i send or receive. I called the att #611 and got a live person and she was nice enough to reimburse the 9.99 and 40 more cents for the text messages. if this happens to you, please investigate your phone records online if possible and call your phone company and they might could help in eliminating the scam charges." MY phone bill has a charge of $14.99 for a service that I know I NEVER bought!!! I REFUSE TO PAY FOR THIS SCAM AND I WILL BE IN TOMORROW TO COMPLAIN!!


Re: Phone bill SCAMS

Those charges are premuim text messaging charges. This happens sometimes when you see an add on TV or on the website having you send a short code(usually a six digit number) for a free ringtone, horoscope, etc. Then when you recieve the message back there are usually hidden charges involved which should tell you before you confirm. I have seen sometimes where a person has been charged for these services without being notified as well. What you will need to have your carrier do is have them block short codes form the premuim text messaging tool. I know Sprint has a tool so I am sure other carriers have some kind of tool to do this as well.


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