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Phone shows full Signal.....But!!!!!!


Phone shows full Signal.....But!!!!!!

I started a business and decided to take credit cards through the Square system,  I am at the Orange County Marketplace (CA.) I lost so many sales on the first weekend because I could not get a signal.  Even phone calls, will hold for about a minute and then give me an error message that says in part "Call Failed due to intermittent signal loss etc. etc."  Phone Shows a FULL Signal.  I also have Unlimited Internet, but what good is that if you can not connect to the internet.  Our neighbor on the sales floor, showed me his service through a competitor (names not necessary) and his was super fast.  Credit cards & Internet were very fast.  No lag on phone calls either.  I have had Sprint for over 10 years and have lived through the "WE ARE WORKING TO IMPROVE___________ fill in the blank.  When my contract is up in December I plan to change service to another carrier, but my son has already done just that.  He could not risk another weekend of no credit card sales as this represents about 30% - 50% of sales every weekend.  Are You experiencing similar problems?????  Please let me know.  Thanks


Re: Phone shows full Signal.....But!!!!!!


Thank you for your post. I can understand your frustration; I'm a business owner myself. We hate that you were having troubles with your card sales and call. Sprint is in the process of performing Network Visioning all of California. We strive to make the network better for our customer. When you get that error code. please updated your PRL on your device. This will allow the phone to find a better connection to the towers in that area. We don't want to lose you as a customer. We are dedicated to provide the best customer experience and will insure we resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Social Care, Lamar

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