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Pics not sending in text or FB messenger


Pics not sending in text or FB messenger

Good Day everyone. I'm having trouble sending pics through text messaging and FB messenger. They won't even send through What's App. I have new service with my number ported in from T-Mobile this week. I've enabled data roaming in case my coverage area near my house is subpar. I've tried using wireless network and turning it off. I have an IPhone X that was brand new this week so I don't feel I should have to reset it to factory settings. I've read through some of the posts but don't have time to read through thousands of responses that don't work. Please advise if you know what the issue may be. I emailed support but haven't heard anything. It's very frustrating! Thanks in advance. 

Sprint Social Care

Re: Pics not sending in text or FB messenger

Hello Baxboy, thanks for contacting us! We'd like to confirm, is your data currently working? Are you able to access other websites or use other applications? How long has this been going on? Also, please send us your nearest cross streets and ZIP so that we can check the coverage in your area.

Sprint Social Care
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