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Port to diffrent carrier without cancelling lease


Port to diffrent carrier without cancelling lease

Sprint by far is the Worst Company to deal with. I have several line personal business with sprint. I called several times to confirm whether or not I would be able to port over a phone number and swap a lease. Sprint said I would be able to do so unfortunately that’s a lie. Sprint is charging me a full phone replacement fee on top of other fees even though I swapped the phone out with another phone that doesn’t have a lease on my current line. Does it make sense to be penalized for simply swapping my phone to another line that’s still on my account? The lease is attached to the device, correct? Not the phone number... I called in and one of the sprint reps from the Philippines said I should have ported all of my phone numbers to Verizon. I see that Sprint no longer cares about customer service. Hopefully more people end up leaving sprint and going to other service providers who actually care that we spend our hard earned money. I’m being charged a cancellation fee for a device that I’m currently using on the same account all I did was swap the device over to my sons line. This is thievery in its best form.

Sprint Employee


Hey! Thank you for bringing this situation to us. When you swap the device, then the only thing that changes Is the device not the phone number or the contract. I would like to take a look into this for you. Please check your inbox, I've sent you a private message.

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