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Porting a number to another carrier


Porting a number to another carrier

I recently changed my cable TV service.  My new package includes phone service.  I'm pretty sure Sprint isn't going to reduce my cost for a phone line to zero, so I attempted to port my home number to the cable TV service.  The first attempt was unsuccessful because I gave the cable service an incorrect pin number.  I corrected the pin number and made sure they had the correct Sprint account number.  The change was rejected by Sprint because there was a pending change order already.  The cable provider informed me that they had cancelled all orders and they did not have a change order on file with Sprint.  I then went to Sprint.  They tell me they have a pending order from the cable provider, and the cancellation of the order has to come from the cable provider.   I was sent up the food chain at the cable provider and they confirmed they have no outstanding orders to port my number.  Back to the Sprint store.  The rep there didn't offer assistance, just gave me the number to the Tech people at Sprint who do the porting.  Spent 30 minutes on hold.  The Sprint rep called the cable provider but tells me the cable provider couldn't provide her any information. NO RESOLUTION.

It would seem to me any request to port a number had to come from the customer, which is me.  I'm the one paying the bill each month.  If I requested the change, I should be able to cancel the change.  What does the cable provider have to do with that process?  They're not the ones paying the bill I am.  I'm hacked at both parties for the run around, but especially at Sprint.  Cancel the **bleep** port request, so I can transfer that line.



Sprint Employee

Good morning @Mikem824, thank you so much for reaching out to us. Please allow us to take a closer look into this. Check your inbox and reply to the private message I just sent you.

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