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Promo: iPhone 7 on us with Lease and Trade in(4/7/17-5/11/17)-SCAM


Promo: iPhone 7 on us with Lease and Trade in(4/7/17-5/11/17)-SCAM

My husband and I joined Sprint on April 7th specifically the subject promotion that promised us two new iPhone7 Plus for only $5 a month after the $27.09 credit was applied monthly. This Credit of $27.09 was written and verbally explained to be applied “Monthly,” for the entire 18 months of the Lease. After the 18 months we were told that we would be the owners of the phone after paying the $100 leftover. The only requirement was for us to be New Customers and to Trade In our iPhones in working condition. We were told that the credit would take 2 bill cycles to start but that never happened. Our service was briefly interrupted for not making a full payment of $180 in May, but once I went into the Sprint store the bill was said to have been fixed (May). For the remaining months we were instead billed $180+ every month. We received a credit in June for $975+. In June/July, I called and had the issue escalated because this credit was said to cover the $27.09 we were promised, I requested that the credits be adjusted to come monthly as we were promised. The Escalated Manager promised to adjust the credits and call me back within 24-48hrs but never did. 


So I decided to return to the store again where I started service and the new manager Justin promised he would fix the issue (December). Upon returning to the store on 1/11/18 this manager approached me with much attitude. After trying to remind him of my situation he began arguing with me, calling me ungrateful for not accepting the credit from Sprint and using the term “people like you.” Stating he didn’t understand how people like me could be so ungrateful. He laughed stating I had not paid a bill anyway and that I should have saved my money to buy the phone then. He was cynical, sarcastic and demeaning making myself and another bystander uncomfortable. I was emotionally shaken up by his verbal abuse and feared for myself and unborn child. He was supposed to be assisting me by talking to the escalated team on the phone. I felt that he based his customer service on race as he left me to attend to another customer. After finishing up my call with the CSR, I begin to leave with the documents this manager told me I could have, but he instead chased me out of the store. Yelling that I was “taking from the store.” I am very unhappy with the level of service Sprint has provided and them not honoring deals as they advertise.


I had originally went into Sprint on April 6th to do a BOGO/Free for the iPhone 7 Plus, the Rep Lou told me to save my $900 and come back tomorrow April 7th and get both phones for free with the new advertised deal. He promised that our bill would be the same as it was with TMobile being $110(this was unlimited service for two lines without insurance). He showed us how our bill for the 18 months would be $100 without insurance/ $126 with insurance, with the monthly credits of $27.09x2 ($55 for the 1st line and $35 for the second, plus $10). He also said we would receive an additional $5 off per line with auto pay. We trusted Lou and Sprint, but this phone has not been free as advertised. We turned in our fully owned iPhones and paid over $200 for our down payment on the "Free" phone. This $200 was promised to go towards the balance owed after 18 months. Sprint has gone against there adertised deal and has charged us a monthly bill in which we were never told or signed up for in our agreement. It does not show in our Agreement or the advertisment of Sprint that the $27.09 would be paid as a lump sum, it advertises that it is credited monthly and that only $5 is charged monthly for the upgraded iPhone 7 Plus. Currently I am waiting to hear from Corporate, as I am told my case was escalated this time, but its pass the 48 hour waiting period again! Something needs to be done.




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